As part of my #learningproject for #ECMP355, I have decided to teach myself how to play chess! ¬†Why chess? Because it seems like something that most functional adults know how to do (no offence if you don’t). Whenever the subject comes up, people are typically surprised that I don’t know how to play! I guess I missed the memo. It is a game I have attempted to learn in the past (by attempted I mean gave up after 3 minutes) but never really followed through. So this is finally the push I need to master it! (and by master I really mean gain a basic functional understanding)

Right now, my knowledge of chess is basic. I know what the board looks like and I can name a few of the pieces (queen, pawn, castle, horse ?)
So I’m basically starting from scratch.

I tend to get frustrated easily and don’t have much patience with myself. But I think this is a reasonable task to master in a reasonable amount of time!

The plan:
Step 1) Watch YouTube videos and read online tutorials.
Step 2) Practice with virtual games until I feel confident I have grasped it
Step 3) Real life game

I will blog my progress along the way!

Step 3 will be the final test to determine if I have succeeded will be a match with my boyfriend- who claims he is a “chess master”.

Wish me luck!