Final Networked Learning post

Usually I just use social media to lurk from afar and “creep” on others, so it felt a bit unnatural to actually talk to others on Twitter.
But in an effort to grow my PLN, I did reach out to others!

I asked questions, and helped others in the process.

twitter ques 2

jon thanks

I participated in #saskedchat and connected with educators from all over the world


I also interacted with my classmates by commenting back and forth on each other’s blogs

com 1com 2com 3com 4com 5com 6

I also retweeted resources and articles that I thought might be interesting and useful to my peers

twitter sharetwitter comment

sit with ustweet

Although I took this course while sitting on my couch at home, I didn’t miss out on interacting with my peers. I feel as though I got to know them just as well as, if not better, than if we were face to face in a classroom. Not only did I learn a lot from my peers and the other educators I connected with, but it feel great to know that I helped their learning in some way too.




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