Flappy Bird #HourOfCode

I had my first experience with an Hour of Code tutorial. I picked the Flappy Bird game to try because it looked familiar to me.

The Grade 4 students in my pre-internship classroom were into coding and creating their own Flappy Bird games. I watched them but was really able to help or answer questions because I was unfamiliar with it. So I wanted to give it a try and see what all the hype was about!

With this game from code.org, you can use drag-and-drop programming to make your own Flappy Bird game, and customize it to look how ever you want! It takes you through step by step to learn how to select different blocks to create the code.

flappyOnce you complete all the steps,  you are free to create your own game however you please!

Here is a short screencast of me creating my own game and giving it a try! I did it very quickly; of course you could spend more time choosing which features you prefer. So much fun to be able to play a game you made yourself!

One complaint with Screencastify: the free version doesn’t allow you to trim/edit your recordings 😦 I would have liked to cut out the bit at the end but wasn’t interested in paying for the premium version. Don’t you hate when that happens!

Coding in the classroom:
I would absolutely implement coding into my classroom someday. Not only would students love it because its fun and engaging, but it can increase problem solving skills.
I came across an article on edutopia.org outlines the benefits of learning to program.

Being able to follow programming logic trains the mind to think in more analytical ways. I believe that debugging a program leads to better problem solving skills.

…is where the computer’s true power as an educational medium lies — in the ability to facilitate and extend children’s awesome natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, draw conclusions — in short to learn — all by themselves

Here is a link to the full article.
I’m not an overly tech savvy person, but as a teacher, I am fully behind anything that is fun and great for learning at the same time.


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