Facebook: not just a useless time suck

As suggested by one of my ECMP355 classmates, I used Facebook to make connections with other beginner chess players.  I would never have thought to try Facebook as a learning resource, so I was appreciative of the advice!  Who know it was good for more than creeping people’s vacation photos?! I was able to join a few groups for chess players where beginners can get advice, ask questions to other members, and connect and play together!  One group is called Chess Lessons with more than 8,000 members! It is a place to teach, share and learn about chess through knowledge and experiences, and help improve your game.   I haven’t quite built up the confidence yet but I am looking forward to reaching out to others from around the world who are also learning to play chess. When I have questions come up, I now have a community of people I know will be willing to help!


I was feeling really excited about this new discovered use for Facebook, which got me wondering what else I can use Facebook for that I don’t know about yet. I searched Google for “uses for Facebook in education”  and I was not disappointed. I found a really great article about 99 ways you should be using Facebook in the classroom  It gave me a lot of suggestions for resources, projects and assignments, collaboration and discussion, and sharing. I think that sometimes Facebook gets a bad rap and is excluding for many classrooms but this article points out some really interesting uses! Some of them might be better suited for upper elementary or high school students since they are likely on Facebook already. I wouldn’t ask my primary students to get Facebook accounts but there are a lot of other uses for it without the students actually being on Facebook.

Leave a comment telling me what you use Facebook for!


4 thoughts on “Facebook: not just a useless time suck”

  1. I love your approach to Facebook. I would have never thought of I think and learning or teaching platform. Thanks for sharing that “99 ways…” link.


  2. I also think Facebook has a really bad rap in education but I think it is positive in many ways also. The article you found brings up a ton of ideas that would be really cool to try in the classroom!

    I also found an online Facebook group for my learning project and it helps a ton. Everyone is so responsive and I have gotten a ton of new good tips/ ideas from that group!

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  3. Defintely so many wonderful uses for Facebook that people are unawre of!

    Prior to this class the main thing I used Facebook for was to keep up with old friends and be in different group chats woth different friend groups. Since being in this class I have began following more educational pages.


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