My first real chess match

This week I took a break from my online chess efforts and decided to give it a shot in real life. It went much better. There’s just something about the human interaction and hands on factor that helps my brain grasp easier.

This is Quinn. Electrician by day, chess master by night

I promised not to whine and complain, so he agreed to play a match against me and help me along the way. I only needed a hint a few times.

I was the black squares/frosty pieces. Wasn’t sure what move to make next!
(This chess set is very frustrating. I wish I had gotten one with two distinct different colors- would be less confusing)

Right now, I definitely have no strategy and I certainly lost, but at least I get the point. It was almost fun.

Dramatic footage of me loosing…

Now its back to my chess app to practice up and perfect my strategy so I can beat him next time!


6 thoughts on “My first real chess match”

  1. This is fantastic! I used to love chess as a kid. What kind of online networks have you found for chess playing? Have you made any friends online through this journey?


      1. You could try to search beginning chess on Twitter. Send encouraging words and let them know you are a beginner, too. They might have lots of tips and resources to online chess communities.

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