Digital sleuthing

This week in ECMP355 we were discussing digital citizenship and digital identity. Once I got the terms straight, ( digital citizenship is the way in which you interact with others, utilize the internet and impact you leave – digital identity is your personal presence on the internet) I could see how vital it is to be aware of your internet use.

Teachers are always under scrutiny, in public and online.

We all know that teachers are expected to uphold a certain image in public and online as well. Teachers must be professional, and responsible citizens. For this reason, I have been particularly conscious over the past few years about how I portray myself online. So my classmate, Amy Swanson and I decided to sleuth each other- which I would usually refer to as creeping. We did this for two reasons: 1) To see just how much is out there about us on the web and how easy it is to find information.
2) To double check our professional presence.

I began my sleuthing with a Google search of her name. The first result that came up was a bunch of Facebook profiles with hers at the top because we have a few mutual friends.

Hi Amy!  Image from Amy Swanson’s Facebook profile

The only information visible on her profile is that she lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and is from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I could see two photos of her and a list of music that she likes.  So, Amy’s Facebook is very private and gets the stamp of approval.

When I added Regina  behind her name in my Google search, I found her blog and Twitter account. Both of which are used strictly for professional and educational purposes.  Amy tweets and retweets great articles and resources for teachers.
Amy’s digital identity seems pleasantly boring. No dirt was dug up! The information I could find was absolutely appropriate and professional.

Check out Amy’s blog post here to see what happened when she sleuthed me.


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