Patience is a virtue

Okay teaching myself to play chess is harder than I thought. I am quite frustrated. I’m not catching on as quickly as I thought I would.

I’ve been trying to play against the computer on I’ve set it to beginner mode and enabled the hints. I get the fundamentals of the game but I can’t yet seem to remember how each piece moves- I constantly have to refer back to a cheat sheet to check!  Or I end up using the hint option a little too often so I’m not sure that I am really playing…

Needless to say, the learning has been sloooowwww going. I have two options at this point: A) Suddenly become a more patient person (not likely). Or B) Take a different approach to learning. I know that I learn best through hands-on. While the live game online is helpful, I think my brain would respond better if I could actually touch the pieces and physically move them.  Get that muscle memory working! SO… I bought a second-hand chess board. I think it’s time to swallow my pride and ask my boyfriend to play a game against me/teach me. At least now I know what the pieces are called!


5 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue”

  1. This is a very original idea for a learning project, I love it! I know chess can seem daunting at the moment but give it time and it will definelty become second nature. it is a very fun and engaging activity! good luck and keep with it.


  2. I love your idea of learning chess! It’s fortunate that you know someone who knows chess. Learning hands on has helped me lots in the past with various projects. I wonder if there are some apps that could help you with your learning. Something to think about!


  3. Keep persevering through! I know when my father was teaching me chess at a young age I became frustrated and gave up, and just played him in checkers. This is something I still regret to this day.


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