Puppet Pals

Clearly I won’t be an award winning script writer…
Don’t judge my creative abilities. The point is that I downloaded the Puppet Pals app on my phone and learned how to use it. The hardest part was figuring out how to upload to YouTube then insert the link here. Overall, super cute and easy to use! I can’t wait to have my grade 1/2s use it. I’m sure kids will love it and be a lot more creative than I am. I really like the option to add your own photos. For primary students still developing writing skills, this could be a great tool that would allow them to express themselves.




2 thoughts on “Puppet Pals”

  1. The free version is super basic but still useful! If you pay for the premium version (about $2 I think) you have more choices and options! Definitely will be great for primary!


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