As part of my #learningproject for #ECMP355, I have decided to teach myself how to play chess!  Why chess? Because it seems like something that most functional adults know how to do (no offence if you don’t). Whenever the subject comes up, people are typically surprised that I don’t know how to play! I guess I missed the memo. It is a game I have attempted to learn in the past (by attempted I mean gave up after 3 minutes) but never really followed through. So this is finally the push I need to master it! (and by master I really mean gain a basic functional understanding)

Right now, my knowledge of chess is basic. I know what the board looks like and I can name a few of the pieces (queen, pawn, castle, horse ?)
So I’m basically starting from scratch.

I tend to get frustrated easily and don’t have much patience with myself. But I think this is a reasonable task to master in a reasonable amount of time!

The plan:
Step 1) Watch YouTube videos and read online tutorials.
Step 2) Practice with virtual games until I feel confident I have grasped it
Step 3) Real life game

I will blog my progress along the way!

Step 3 will be the final test to determine if I have succeeded will be a match with my boyfriend- who claims he is a “chess master”.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Checkmate”

  1. Miss Keen, this is a wonderful hobby to learn. I like playing chess and was taught as a young child to play. Your boyfriend must be super excited to have a play mate to enjoy the game with. I wish you every success.


  2. Great choice for a learning project, Miss Keen. I think you will find it very intellectually stimulating. Moving the various pieces is good practice for moving all of the various students/components that come with running a classroom. The strategy skills you develop will definitely transfer over into your practice and classroom management. Good luck!


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